Acupuncture at Edmonton Yoga Studio

10% discount for YAA members, seniors ,students and EdmontonYoga students. Call: (780) - 667 - 4878
Acupuncture has been helping women for thousands of years and it can also help you.

We are offering a drug free alternative to help you with your health concerns.

Call Anita at 780-667-4878 and book your free consultation today!

  • Feel Better
  • Feel Healthier
  • Be Pain Free
  • Plan a Family
  • Look and Feel Younger

Treatment Options and Fees

It is always free to talk by phone or e-mail! Free 15 min Consultation to see what is the right option for you.

First Treatment And Consultation: $110
Follow Up Treatments: $90

Edmonton Acupuncture

If you are truly ready to quit smoking, we can help!

Acupuncture is a proven therapy to help you quit. It helps to ease the symptoms of withdrawal and even makes the taste of tobacco unpleasant.

Acupuncture will not change habits so healthy support from family and friends is an asset. Remember it only takes one month to change a habit.

Make 2022 your time to quit.

Attention Veterans

Here at the Acupuncture Centre we are affiliated with Veterans Affairs. If you have a K number you likely have access to free treatments.

We help with:

  • Pain due to injury or arthritis
  • PTSD
  • Headaches, migraines, TMJ syndrome
  • Sleep problems, anxiety.

Call us with your K number and we can assess your eligibility. It is always free to talk.


Specializing in Women’s Health

  • PMS, Painful Menstruation, Irregular Menstruation
  • Difficulty getting pregnant
  • Morning sickness, back pain, shoulder and neck pain, carpel tunnel syndrome during pregnancy.
  • Ease menopausal symptoms
  • Special discounts for fertility treatments